Meal Plan



Day One 

Breakfast: Sauteed radishes with green beans 

Lunch: Bacon wrapped chicken cordon bleu  

Supper: Grilled peppered steaks  


Day Two 

Breakfast: Keto breakfast roll-ups 

Lunch: Chicken pesto roulade or Grilled peppered steaks 

Supper: Italian smothered pork chops   


Day Three 

Breakfast: Dream-worthy keto crepes 

Lunch: Cheddar bacon explosion or Italian smothered pork chops 

Supper: Pistacchio salmon


Day Four 

Breakfast: Chicken caesar 

Lunch: Keto bacon wrapped chicken tenders with ranch or Pistacchio salmon 

Supper: Roast chicken  


Day Five 

Breakfast: Breakfast-worthy overnight keto chocolate chia pudding 

Lunch: Baked pesto chicken or Roast chicken   

Supper: Grilled buttermilk chicken  


Day Six 

Breakfast: Sausage and egg keto breakfast casserole 

Lunch: Keto bacon sushi or Grilled buttermilk chicken 

Supper: Grilled lobster tails  


Day Seven 

Breakfast: Cauliflower mash 

Lunch: Low-carb broccoli lemon parmesan soup or Grilled lobster tails 

Supper: Mediterranean stuffed chicken breasts  




Day One 

Breakfast: Keto grilled cheese sandwich 

Lunch: Keto mug lasagna or Mediterranean stuffed chicken breasts 

Supper: Parmesan baked cod  


Day Two

Breakfast: Zucchini ribbon side salad 

Lunch: Low carb burgers ingredients or Parmesan baked cod 

Supper: Keto sub sandwich casserole  


Day Three 

Breakfast: Caesar salad bacon baskets 

Lunch: Tomato asiago soup or Keto sub sandwich casserole 

Supper: Monterey mug melt


Day Four 

Breakfast: Keto mixed green spring salad 

Lunch: Keto crescent dogs or Monterey mug melt 

Supper: One-pan keto salmon and asparagus   


Day Five 

Breakfast: Easy keto smoked salmon breakfast bowl 

Lunch: Keto stuffed artichokes or One-pan keto salmon and asparagus

Supper: Keto fried chicken and broccoli  


Day Six 

Breakfast: Easy one pan ground beef and green beans   

Lunch: Spicy pulled pork lettuce wraps or Keto fried chicken and broccoli 

Supper: Instant pot no-noodle keto lasagna  


Day Seven 

Breakfast: Easy spinach and bacon salad   

Lunch: BBQ bacon wrapped smokies or Instant pot no-noodle keto lasagna 

Supper: Keto ground beef stroganoff